So sad, another trip is over and today feels like the day after Christmas.

Quick business: Upon further review we have a new winner. Thanks to the girls admitting to cheating but not admitting to what they cheated on they have thus forfeited the entire challenge and the boys team is victorious. So let the “Slim’s Big Adventure” series recap read as follows (for the eventual wikipedia page that someone awesome will make):

2010- Theresa “T-Money”
2011- Team Boys feat. Jake and Deuce

And in other news you can still live vicariously through two blogs:



Now go and ask your boss if you can have this week off next year and send in your “Big Adventure” application for Slim’s Big Adventure 3.

Yours in the internet,

PS. If you don’t get all the “Yours in ____” jokes you need to get over to Jay and Kevin’s Webpage and listen more often.



Deuce here. Well we left Denver at 6 am this morning and have decided to drive straight through to Spokane! Slim had the first shift and now Kellianne is at the wheel. Hope this works out better than last time Kellianne drove somewhere. Bagels anyone?

Be sure to tune in tomorrow to Jay and Kevin for the final stories of the Big Adventure. Meanwhile here are some photos from our last night in Denver. We were hoping for a celebration night, but at least by having dinner in the bar we avoided any BYU fans!

Deuce out



Plans for today

> go get some food.
> go get some ink done. it should be fun. we will take ideas for what ink we should all get as a group.
> go watch the zags win and after watch jimmer cry.

Body by Jake.

This is Slim hi-jacking Jake’s post. It took him 20+ minutes to write this…


It’s Saturday and that means Jimmer vs the Zags. And I’m serious about that. I was NOT impressed by BYU at all. My quick breakdown of that team:

Jimmer is real good. Shoots from anywhere on the court but is just as good at getting to the rim as anything else. LOTS of pump fakes to get his defender in the air and try to draw a foul. BUT he plays no defense at all. Gonzaga will torch him on that end.

Quick thoughts from the Adventures on BYU.

Kevin: “Bunch of slow guys.”
Jake: “I hate Jimmer.”
Stephany: “I don’t hate Jimmer, I think he’s a pretty nice guy.”

Kellianne: (She isn’t downstairs yet so I’ll speak for her). “Jimmer is hot. But I also think Brandon Davies is cute too.”

Quick thoughts on the Zags.

Kevin: “Looking hot.”
Stephany: said with quickness and excitement “OH YES!! I completely agree with that. Especially Sacre. I’ve got a crush on him.”
Jake: “I’d choose David since I could look him in the eyes.”

As you can see we’ve got your expert analysis here.

Kellianne, Deuce, Jake, Stephany and I are in the hotel this morning and trying to figure out the plan for the day. Everyone has bought tickets to the game so we’re all going to head down in the afternoon to catch both games. As for this morning I’m not sure. We had a great time last night and you won’t want to miss the Monday breakdown. Here’s a little tease for you:

  • Jake: Asked a police officer breaking up a major fight at dinner if he could hold his gun…
  • Kellianne: Interesting encounters with a 50 year old man that wasn’t Deuce.
  • Stephany: Met some random girls on St. Patty’s and got us invited to a college apartment party.
  • Deuce: Brought the FlipCam to the college party… And was creepily standing in the corner using it.
  • Slim: Got in a verbal battle with the kid at Taco Bell. Ended poorly.
  • That’s the group that rocked and rolled last night. We haven’t seen Katie in a day and a half. She went to her sisters yesterday morning and spent the night there so we’re hoping she’s ok and that we see her at the game today.

    That’s a quick update from Denver.

    Yours in chapstick,


    Katie’s sister came by the Red Lion yesterday and took some GREAT pictures of the gang. You gotta see em to believe em:


    Thanks Keri! Those pictures are unbelievable.


    Let’s see if we can’t sort through a few of Stephany’s pictures…

    You’ve got pictures from the game including the massive amount of people piling in, post game meetup with the entire gang, and then Slim, Kellianne, and Deuce left and the fun really began.